Saint Matthew

A deconsecrated church, is a church, precisely, which has lost its sacred character because it has been totally or partially destroyed, or because it is destined by the bishop for profane uses. The buildings, once deconsecrated, become homes, workshops and holiday facilities or like that of San Francesco in Udine, used for temporary exhibitions.

Many are in a state of neglect, often forgotten, as is the case with the church of St. Matthew

Made in autarchic style in 1941 it is today the only existing building in the village Gallinazza, now disappeared. The church has remained standing since the total demolition (at least so it is said) thanks to the opposition of the mother of the owner of the lands, for the woman, pious and religious, doing so would have represented a sacrilege.

Inside there is a tombstone in which King Vittorio Emanuele and Duce Mussolini thank for the "generosity and will of the Saici Society and Francesco Marinotti" for erecting the church "commendably". The altar is particularly decorated and also a little disturbing given the prevalence of black color, and the hands surrounding the cross do not improve the impression.

Isolated and half-hidden from the vegetation, it's a bit hard to find if you don't know where to look. Not bad: it is located in a private property, the interior is dangerous, the atmosphere is decidedly strange and the animal remains found in reconnaissance suggest very little use.


Access to private property is prohibited, therefore not accessible.


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